Zerowater Filtered Water Tap

Looking for an easy to use and convenient water filter that effectively removes most water-borne contaminants without breaking your budget? Then the Zerowater filtered water tap is what you need! Offering a state-of-the-art solution to the increasingly important task of providing clean and safe drinking water to the family, the Zerowater filtered water tap is an absolutely essential component to healthy living.

The Zerowater system at a glance

The Zerowater filtered water tap is an easy to use water filtration system that utilizes filter cartridges in order to produce totally safe drinking water. Conveniently designed to fit most commercially available water coolers, the Zerowater filtered water tap won't take up any space on your countertop at all, unlike most other water filters of its kind. To use the device, all you have to do is fill it from the top, and pure, clean water is yours to enjoy at any time.

The Zerowater filtered water tap comes with a useful meter that effectively measures the amount of TDS or total dissolved solids in tap water. This handy device helps you determine just how much solid particle content is in your water, allowing you to set the filter as necessary.

How the Zerowater water filter works

At the heart of the Zerowater filtered water tap is a filtration system that is a lot like the reverse osmosis process employed by other water filters. Unlike most other brands on the market however, the Zerowater filtered water tap employs a 5-stage filtration process that can effectively deal with contaminants that other water filters leave intact. Among the filtration steps that the Zerowater filtered water tap subjects water to are:

  • Sediment filtering
  • Carbon filtering
  • De-ionization

In essence, the Zerowater filtered water tap works like a stripped down–but far more efficient–reverse osmosis system, with the main difference being less waste. Keep in mind that the typical reverse osmosis water filter produces only one gallon of clean water from every four gallons that goes to waste, so the Zerowater filtered water tap is clearly the better option from a cost standpoint.

Benefits of the Zerowater water filter

The Zerowater filtered water tap offers a number of significant advantages over other types of water filters commonly available on the market. The entire system is amazingly easy to use for example, and only requires filling up via the conveniently located opening on top of the unit. After this, clean pure drinking waste can be had right from the tap.

The Zerowater filtered water tap is also quite easy to use, especially when compared with complicated under sink designs that require extensive modification to your existing plumbing. With the Zerowater filtered water tap, having to change the filters out from under the sink becomes a thing of the past, and good clean water can be yours to enjoy in as little as a few minutes. And since the Zerowater filtered water tap fits with practically any water cooler, there is virtually no need for expensive aftermarket add-ons.


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