Pur Filtered Water Tap

In a world where the use of a high quality water filter is absolutely important, the PUR filtered water tap stands as a shining example of what to look for in a state-of-the-art filtration system. A uniquely designed water filter boasting of a superb combination of contemporary good looks and innovative technology, the PUR filtered water tap is amazingly easy to use for such a hi-tech device.

Benefits of a PUR water filter

Among the benefits offered by the PUR filtered water tap are:

  • Effective filtration of most known tap water contaminants
  • Easy install and maintenance
  • Low cost alternative to expensive bottled water
  • Fresh tasting and clean water right from your tap


The PUR filtered water tap offers tremendous value for money in a totally convenient package. The filters used in the device can be changed out easily, and is good for filtering up to 100 gallons of water. This provides you with up to 3 months of pure, clean water that is free of most water-borne contaminants. 

Making it easier for you to determine when your filter will need to be changed is the patented automatic safety monitor gauge. This useful device comes with every vertically mounted PUR filtered water tap, and it lets you know when the filtering component has exhausted its lifespan. This helps you keep track of the performance of your unit, allowing it to provide you with clean water at all times.

Another helpful feature is the bypass mechanism, which allows you to draw unfiltered water from the very same tap. Simply by tilting the faucet mount back, you can use unfiltered water for non-critical uses such as washing your dishes or your hands. In addition to offering you convenient access to unfiltered water for day-to-day use, this also helps extend the life of the filter.

What the PUR water filter does to your water

Features are one thing, but it is the result that ultimately counts. And thankfully, the PUR filtered water tap produces results that can rival the best that industrial grade water filters can offer. Among the impurities that the PUR filtered water tap can filter out is MTBE, as determined by no less than the California certification body. In tests conducted by the organization, it was found that the PUR filtered water tap was highly effective at removing MTBE, at a rate of almost 95%.

The PUR filtered water tap is also highly effective at removing microorganisms that are commonly found in tap water, such as Cryptosporidium. A potentially harmful microorganism that comes from animal waste, Cryptosporidium is only one of the biological contaminants that the PUR filtered water tap can effectively remove. And since the microorganism is resistant to chemicals such as chlorine, the PUR filtered water tap may be your most effective line of defense against such contaminants.  

Water filters are a dime a dozen nowadays, and it can be difficult to determine which one offers the best protection. With all the contaminants that the PUR filtered water tap can handle, it may just be your best choice in a home filtration system.



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