Puritech Filtered Water Tap

For homeowners who are looking for a water filtering solution that combines effectiveness with low cost and affordability, the Puritech filtered water tap is perhaps the best solution available on the market. A uniquely innovative water filtering system that relies primarily on reverse osmosis, the Puritech filtered water tap takes over where other water filters leave off. 

The technology behind Puritech

Behind every Puritech filtered water tap is an innovative filtering technology known as reverse osmosis. This process uses a semi-permeable membrane that effectively removes contaminants from water, using only its own pressure. While there are many water filters on the market that utilize reverse osmosis, the Puritech filtered water tap sets itself apart by employing a 4-Stage reverse osmosis system that effectively filters out most contaminants in common tap water, while improving its taste at the same time. 

The 4-stage reverse osmosis process employed by the Puritech filtered water tap is comprised of the following steps:

  • Sediment pre-filtering
  • Carbon pre-filtering 
  • Water-impurity separation
  • Carbon filtering

The sediment pre-filtering step involves trapping dirt, rust and sand that may be present in the water. The Puritech filtered water tap then employs a carbon pre-filtering step that effectively removes a host of organic substances–such as chlorine–from the water. Next, the water is coursed through a semi-permeable TFC or thin film composite that basically separates the contaminants from the water and flushes it away. Finally, the water is subjected to a carbon filtering process in which foreign substances are further reduced, resulting in better tasting water.

Puritech working behind the scenes

For most people, the first indicator that there is something wrong with the water is an unusual taste or smell. However, even water that seems totally normal may harbor a number of harmful contaminants. Making things even more confusing is the fact that most tap water is treated with chlorine prior to being coursed into homes. While this process does have the benefit of eliminating many forms of organic contaminants, the chlorine itself can actually do more harm than good by reacting with organic substances in the water. This may result in the formation of compounds that may potentially cause cancer in humans.

In fact, a study conducted by the U.S. Environmental Agency showed that as many as 700 potentially hazardous substances may be present in tap water. If only for this reason, the use of a Puritech filtered water tap is an essential step in ensuring the good health of you and your family.  
Water is one of the most important components to healthy living, although there is a significant risk involved in drinking unfiltered water. While many types of water filters can do an adequate job of filtering out many water-borne contaminants, the reverse osmosis process employed by the Puritech filtered water tap makes it a better choice for dealing with the host of impurities that tap water may contain. If you are looking for the best water filter for the money, the Puritech filtered water tap may just be the best one for the job.



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