Ever Pure Filtered Water Tap

The use of a good water filter is absolutely essential nowadays, and the Everpure filtered water tap is quite possibly one of the best ones on the market. With the threat of water-borne contaminants being a constant concern, you need all the help that a high quality water filter can give you, and that is exactly what the Everpure filtered water tap is. Designed for superb filtering ability, as well as elegance and ease of use, this is one water filter that works as advertised and looks good at the same time.

Elegance in design

One thing that you will immediately notice about the Everpure filtered water tap is that it has quite a striking appearance. This is definitely not one of those industrial water filters that look more at home in a space shuttle than in the average home kitchen! In contrast to other water filter brands on the market, this one seems almost like a decorative piece. Elegantly designed and with a variety of styles and finishes that will work with virtually any kitchen design, this is one water filter that you can appreciate on a purely aesthetic level. Each Everpure filtered water tap offers the following features:

  • Lead-free content
  • Forged brass construction
  • Aerator tip for even water flow
  • Single temperature or dual temperature models

Superb performance with dependable results

No matter how visually attractive your water filter is, it is what goes on underneath the exterior that counts. And in the case of the Everpure filtered water tap, what goes on is some of the most effective filtering processes employed in a commercially available filter. With a filter membrane that has a surface area six times larger than the size of a typical carbon filter, the Everpure filtered water tap effectively provides the cleaning power of six filters in one package.

As for the technology behind the Everpure filtered water tap’s ability to filter out impurities in the water, this device actually relies on the innovative R.O. or reverse osmosis filtering process. Ideally suited to dealing with a host of common tap water contaminants, reverse osmosis can filter out the following substances from your water:

  • Lead
  • Copper
  • Fluoride
  • Cysts
  • Pharmaceutical substances 

While some of these substances may be handled by a carbon filter to some degree, few water filtering products on the market can accomplish the task as efficiently and as effectively as the Everpure filtered water tap.

Filtered water tap versus bottled water

For many years now, bottled water has been used as an alternative to tap water, and even home filtering systems. What most people don’t realize however is that many bottled water facilities typically do not have the resources to filter their product from all known water contaminants. Reverse osmosis is particularly expensive when implemented on a large scale, which means that the typical bottled water facility simply cannot produce water that is at the same level of purity as a water filter. And this in itself should tell you why the Everpure filtered water tap is a better option than bottled water.



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