Delta Filtered Water Tap

Delta is one of the most highly regarded brands in the consumer water filter market, and the Delta filtered water tap is a perfect example of the company’s dedication to providing quality products. Offering superb value for money in a convenient package, the Delta filtered water tap is an excellent choice for those who are looking for an affordable water filter that adequately handles the need for safe drinking water in the household. 

Other products in the Delta line

The Simply PUR Water Filtration System is the flagship product of the Delta line, with a superbly engineered design that epitomizes the company’s tradition of excellence. Offering an alternative to costly bottled water, this Delta filtered water tap utilizes an innovative 3-stage filter that effectively eliminates most water-borne contaminants from ordinary tap water. With a generous capacity of 100 gallons, this Delta filtered water tap can provide pure clean water to an average sized family for up to three months. The Delta filtered water tap also comes with a useful light indicator above the sink that lets you know when the filter has to be changed. And with no less than two spout designs and a selection of attractive finishes, this is one Delta filtered water tap that will find a place in any modern kitchen design.

In addition to the Delta filtered water tap, the company also offers the following quality products:

  • Okinetic Technology Shower System
  • Lockwood Collection

The company is known for quality products other than the Delta filtered water tap, and the shower system powered by the company’s own revolutionary Okinetic Technology is a perfect example. This system goes well beyond what other shower systems have to offer, and you may never want to try another unit after you have experienced this one. Offering a tremendous degree of control over virtually every aspect of your shower, this system allows you to control the size, coverage, and velocity of the water droplets. The result is a totally inviting and refreshing shower experience that you simply will not be able to get from any other product. And best of all, the shower system cuts your water consumption by as much as 50%, making this a stylish and innovative piece of technology that saves you money at the same time.

The same quality craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into every Delta filtered water tap is apparent in the company’s superb Lockwood Collection as well. A striking combination of modern innovation with traditional design, this gorgeous bath collection features a newly designed rain can-style showerhead with a useful gooseneck shower arm. Offering the best of both worlds in cutting-edge innovation and traditional luxury, this collection joins the Delta filtered water tap as some of the company’s finest products.  

The mark of excellence in a water filter

Choosing the right water filter is an important concern for practically any household.  With the Delta filtered water tap, you are assured of a quality product that will keep your family safe, and one that comes with the Delta trademark of excellence.



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