Dolton Filtered Water Tap

Of all the water filters available on the market today, few can lay claim to a history and renown that is associated with the Dolton filtered water tap. Setting the standard for high quality water filters the world over, the Dolton filtered water tap is an excellent example of state-of-the-art water filtering technology.

The origins of the Dolton water filter

The modern day Dolton filtered water tap can trace its origins to the first Dolton branded filtering system, which was basically a gravity filter design in a stoneware pot. At the heart of this implement was a clay filter that did a passable job of removing most solid particles from the water. Of course, the modern day Dolton filtered water tap is miles ahead of this early model in both performance and reliability, but the clay filter was pretty innovative for its time. In fact, the forerunner of the Dolton filtered water tap was so effective at filtering out solid particles, that its inventor John Dolton was awarded the Royal Crest by no less than the Queen of England.

Dolton water filters today

With the passing of the years and the advent of new technologies, the basic design of the early ceramic filter was improved, and several models of the Dolton line of water filters began to be manufactured. Nowadays, the company produces a wide selection of water filters that include:

  • Countertop water filters
  • Under sink water filters
  • Refrigerator water filters

Each of these models is designed for specific applications, but all of them use some variation of the early ceramic filter design, albeit with modern technology. While the early Dolton water filters were quite rudimentary, there is definitely nothing “low-tech” about today's version of the Dolton filtered water tap. Utilizing a newly designed ceramic element that effectively filters out solid particles while leaving the beneficial minerals intact, the Dolton filtered water tap provides homeowners with the best qualities of a modern water filtering system.

Making sure your water filter continues to work for you

As effective as ceramic filtration is, it is important to realize that the material itself is inherently imperfect. This does not means that the Dolton filtered water tap isn't effective; it just means that using it to the best of its capabilities will require a bit of care and maintenance on your part. Over time, the pores in the ceramic–which is actually a porous material–will become blocked with debris from the water that the system purifies. When this happens, the filter’s ability to get rid of contaminants will be diminished, and the water you get will be of lesser quality than the Dolton filtered water tap is capable of providing. It is easy enough to determine when your filter gets to this condition, as the flow of water will be reduced significantly. When that happens, all you have to do is clean the filtering element out with a brush or scrubbing pad, and your Dolton filtered water tap will be able to provide you with clean water until the next time you have to clean it.



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