Kinetico Filtered Water Tap

Nowadays, making sure that your family gets all the clean and safe drinking water that they need is a bit of a challenge. Thankfully, the Kinetico filtered water tap is up to the task of ensuring that you get pure, clean water when you need it the most. With so many community water supplies relying on piping systems that have become worn or damaged over time, there are numerous opportunities for contaminants to make their way into your drinking water. With the use of a Kinetico filtered water tap however, the risk of these contaminants adversely affecting your health are greatly reduced.

Why go for a filtered water tap instead of bottled water

Before considering the purchase of a Kinetico filtered water tap, most people typically turn to other options such as bottled water. However, the high cost of bottled water–not to mention its negative impact on the environment–has caused many to reconsider other alternatives. And the Kinetico filtered water tap is one of the more feasible ones.

The Kinetico filtered water tap offers an ideal alternative to bottled water and other water filtering solutions for the following reasons:

  • Clean drinking water is available at all times
  • Easy access to clean water
  • No permanent modifications or complicated install procedures
  • Lower cost
  • Easier on the environment   

If these aren't enough reasons to invest in a Kinetico filtered water tap, maybe the attractive designs of these models may prove convincing enough. Designed for effectiveness as well as style, the Kinetico filtered water tap will fit in nicely with any modern kitchen.

Filtered water tap options

There are actually quite a few different options available if you are in the market for a Kinetico filtered water tap. Among the most popular models are:

  • K5 Drinking Water Station
  • AquaKinetic
  • MACguard Filter

The K5 Drinking Water Station is one of the most comprehensive water filtering systems available on the market, and it employs a few different technologies with the goal of providing you with the highest quality water possible. Using the innovative reverse osmosis technology, this Kinetico filtered water tap can effectively rid tap water of the most harmful contaminants, leaving it totally safe to drink.

The AquaKinetic is another one in the Kinetico filtered water tap line of quality products, and it continues the job where other water filters leave off. Just as effective as the other models in the Kinetico line when it comes to filtering out water-borne contaminants, this Kinetico filtered water tap employs a three-stage filtration process that ensures safe water for a variety of uses, with as little fuss as possible. 

Finally, for those looking for a Kinetico filtered water tap that effectively rids tap water of foul tastes and odors, the MACguard Filter is well worth considering. Offering a totally reliable filtering solution in a convenient and easy to use package, this model is one of the most economical models in the Kinetico filtered water tap line.   



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