Natura Filtered Water Tap

Combining the best of Italian ingenuity and American innovation, the Natura filtered water tap is quite possibly the best water filtering system available on the market. A uniquely designed device that delivers filtered water that is remarkable in its purity, the Natura filtered water tap stand apart from all other water filters by assuring you of water that is not only free of contaminants, but tastes fresh and clean as well.

Why go for the Natura water filter?

There are actually many different types of water filters on the market today, and each has its own relative strengths and weaknesses. Among the most familiar options are:

  • Countertop water filters
  • Carafe or pitcher style water filters
  • Refrigerator water filters
  • Faucet water filters

In addition to these, there are some models that combine elements of different water filters, essentially comprising a comprehensive water filtering system that can adequately handle most known contaminants. And in this category can be found the Natura filtered water tap.

Why should you go for a Natura filtered water tap in preference to the many other brands and designs on the market? For one thing, the system employed by this particular water filter results in water that is as fresh and pure tasting as it is clean. Totally free of contaminants, with a taste that is simply unattainable with any other type of water filter, the Natura filtered water tap is the best choice for those who are just as concerned about the taste of their water as they are about its purity.

The inner workings of the Natura water filter

At the heart of every Natura filtered water tap is a uniquely inventive system that relies on a series of tried and proven filtering technologies. First up is a carbon filtration process in which two specially designed carbon filters effectively remove solid particles and chemical compounds from the water. Among the impurities filtered out at this stage are:

  • Dirt
  • Rust
  • Chlorine
  • Lead
  • Mercury

The water then goes through a UV disinfection stage, which in turn targets any microorganisms still in the water. This effectively gets rid of up to 99.99% of bacteria commonly found in water. Finally, the water undergoes a carbonation and refrigeration process, resulting in the quality water that the Natura filtered water tap is known for. In order to ensure a totally hygienic process, this stage occurs in a stainless steel vessel that reduces the risk of any contaminants making their way back into the water.

Installing a Natura water filter

Installing a Natura filtered water tap is admittedly a bit more complicated than installing a basic faucet water filter. However, the benefits that you will get in return will more than make up for the effort. In any case, you will need to have access to a water line with an opening measuring 3/8” in diameter, and two electrical outlets close by. In addition, you should also allot space for the main CO2 canister and a backup.



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