Water Filter Comparison

Water filter comparison is what you should do to be able to decide on the right water filtering system. It is more than just simply comparing water filters and choosing the one which you think is the best. Water filter comparison involves knowing the contaminants found in your water supply and the amount of filtered water you need. You must realize that water contaminants found in a particular state is different from another state depending on the water source, location and treatment process done by different water facilities.

Criteria in Comparing Various Water Filters

Remember the following criteria for an objective water filter comparison.

  • Ability to reduce or remove multiple water contaminants
    Tap water is generally loaded with different types of pollutants like dust particles, heavy metals, synthetic chemicals and organic matter. A good water filter should have the capability to reduce and even remove all pollutants found in your tap water. Analyze your tap water first to determine the type of contaminants and chemicals present therein.
  • Ability to preserve essential nutrients found in the water
    Water contains lots of essential minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium for optimum health. Water purifiers like reverse osmosis and distillers may be very effective in removing a wide variety of water pollutants, but they also remove the essential minerals. On the other hand, water filters remove or reduce water pollutants while preserving these necessary nutrients.

  • Cost-effectiveness of the water filter
    Does the water filter provide effective filtering at an affordable price? Granted, water filters are efficient and cheaper compared to reverse osmosis systems. Even so, you need to make sure your water filter is more reasonable to use.

Finding the Right Water Filtration System

Water filter comparison can be very helpful in finding the right water filtration system for your home if you know what you are looking for. First and foremost, make a list of water filters that carry the logo or certification from the NSF International – an independent firm that performs rigid tests on various water filters and purifiers to ensure that they are in accordance with the manufacturers’ claims. Second, determine the kind of water filter that you want. Do you want to filter the water running the entire house? Or, do you simply need filtered water for drinking and cooking purposes? The right water filter should meet your particular needs and budget.

Best Brands of Water Filters in the U.S.

The following are some of the best-selling brands of water filters across the country and certified by the NSF International.

  • Culligan
    Water filters from Culligan are highly rated by consumers whether it is pitcher, faucet-mounted, countertop, under sink or whole house filtering system.

  • Brita
    Brita water filters are ranked among the leading brands of water filtering systems from pitcher, faucet, countertop, under sink and whole house. It has advanced features and convenient to use.

  • PUR
    PUR is considered as one of the finest brands in the market today which effectively removes a wide range of water pollutants. They have pitcher filters to whole house filters.

Only buy your water filter after you’ve conducted a water filter comparison to ensure that you get what you really require.



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