Filtered Water Tap

Filtered water tap is essential if you prefer drinking tap water over bottled water. Unfiltered tap water contains hundreds of pollutants that can have adverse effects on your overall health. On the other hand, the body can greatly benefit from drinking filtered water tap since water filters reduce and remove harmful contaminants and chemicals present in the tap water. These filters do not strip away the essential nutrients and minerals found in water for optimum health such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium, to name a few. Filtered water tap is safer, healthier and tastes better.

Different Water Filtration Systems

There are various filtration systems you can employ to obtain filtered water tap.

  • Pitcher Filters
    If you need filtered water only occasionally, then this one suits you best. You just simply put the water at the top of the pitcher and it will flow onto the internal filter to the main container.
  • Faucet Filters
    This type of filter lets you get filtered water tap straight from the faucet. Most faucet filters have the bypass feature which gives you the option to run unfiltered water if you want to.
  • Under Sink Filters
    These filters are just like faucet filters, but only installed under the sink and come with their own faucet.
  • Whole House Filters
    A whole house filter is best for providing in-house filtered water as it is installed right at the source of your residential water system.

Before Buying Water Filters

Once you’ve figured out the type of water filter you need, there are some things you need to do to ensure that you get high-quality water filtering systems. First, look for a third-party product certification. This may come from the NSF or other health agencies which ensure that the water filters meet the guidelines they have established in removing water contaminants. Next, search for the warranty to ensure that if the filter does not work properly or has some damages, you can have it replaced or repaired for free. Also, it doesn’t hurt if you inquire about money-back guarantee. Lastly, make certain that the water filter is capable of removing multiple contaminants from the water.

Top-selling Brands of Water Filtration Systems in the U.S.

There are plenty of water filters available these days and they come in various shapes and models. Here are the top-selling brands of water filtration systems.

  • Brita
    Brita is the leading brand of water filters across the U.S. offering pitchers, faucet and under sink filters.
  • PUR
    Another popular name in water filtering systems, they feature reliable and innovative modern water filters from pitchers to under sink filters.
  • Culligan
    Culligan offers a complete line of technologically-advanced water filters used by private and public firms and households.
  • Multi-Pure
    Multi-Pure provides reliable and affordable water filter solutions for your water problems using the advanced carbon block filters certified by the NSF.
  • Crystal Quest
    They have a wide array of water filtration systems from countertop, under sink, faucet and whole house filters, either for residential or commercial use.

Drinking filtered water tap aids you in achieving a healthier mind and body.



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