How to Filter Tap Water

The different methods of how to filter tap water typically come to mind upon learning of the dangers caused by drinking unfiltered tap water. Many have immediately resorted to bottled water but later on found out that aside from being more expensive than tap water, it is not necessarily a safer option. A lot of products available in the market these days promise to give you safe and clean drinking water but even useful minerals have been removed as well, as in the case of water that has undergone reverse osmosis. The only proven effective means of removing contaminants from the water while keeping helpful minerals therein is filtration.

Different Ways of Filtering Tap Water

How to filter tap water depends on your preference and the amount of filtered water needed. Tap water can be filtered in several ways by means of various water filters.

  • Pitcher Filter
    This method of filtering is best if you need small amounts of filtered water. It works simply by filling the pitcher with water and all you need to do is wait for the water to flow through the filter.


  • Faucet-mounted Filter
    If you need quick and unlimited amount of filtered water, then this method of filtering works for you. It has a functional feature too that lets you run unfiltered water to extend the life of your filter.

  • Under sink Filter
    This process of filtering provides excellent water flow. Filter replacement may be needed after six months.

  • Countertop Filter
    Countertop filter is another effective way of filtering your tap water, and installing it does not require a plumber’s expertise.

  • Whole House Filter
    If you want to filter the water flowing in the entire house, then whole house filtering suits you best. You need to ask the expertise of a professional plumber to install the whole house filter properly.

Choosing the Right Water Filtering Device

Now that you know how to filter tap water, it is time that you learn how to choose the right filtering device. The effectiveness of your water filtering system greatly depends on the contaminants found in your tap water, which is why it is very important that you know the impurities in your tap water supply. You may get a copy of the annual water quality report from your local water utility provider or check the National Drinking Water Database to determine the contaminants in your water supply. Your water filter should meet all your filtering needs and budget.

Top Rated Water Filters in the United States

You can find lots of water filtering systems sold in the market. For efficient water filtering systems, opt for the top rated brands such as:

  • Doulton USA - Toll Free Hotline: 1-888-664-3336
  • Aquasana - Toll Free: 1-866-662-6885
  • Pentek - Toll Free Hotline: 1-800-279-9404
  • Culligan - Toll Free: 1-800-947-4759
  • Brita - Toll Free: 1-800-242-748

How to filter tap water depends on the type and brand of water filter you choose. Knowing your options is your key in selecting the right filtering device to ensure safe and clean tap water.



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