Installing a Filtered Water Tap

Water filtration system was used to be viewed as lavishness, but now, it is already a necessity. You may have heard of the shocking truth about your tap water – that it is not as clean or as safe as you might think.  So installing a filtered water tap is the best way to ensure that you are drinking clean and mineral-rich water.

Mounting a filtered water tap does more than just guarantee clean and safe drinking tap water since it also provides better tasting water which moves you to drink more for a healthier mind and body. It also helps promote healthy skin and hair as well as improve the air quality inside your house. When unfiltered tap water is released in the air through steam, harmful chemicals that can cause respiratory problems likewise get into the air. The use of water filters prevents this from happening. Using filtered water tap is actually more affordable, safer and more convenient than using bottled water. Most of all, it helps in keeping your family healthier and away from the risk of incurring serious illnesses.

Various Types of Water Filters

Installing a filtered water tap involves knowing your options. There are pitcher, countertop, under sink, faucet and whole house water filters from which you can choose. Determine which one caters to your preferences.

  • Pitcher
    This filter works best if you only need occasional filtered drinking water. Unfortunately, filtering takes some time in pitcher water filters.

  • Countertop
    Countertop filter provides filtered water for drinking and cooking purposes. It is very affordable and easy to install.

  • Under Sink
    This water filter does a great job of providing excellent flow of water from your faucet. It may require professional expertise to install, but the filter may last up to six months before you have to change it.

  • Faucet-mounted
    If you want unlimited access to filtered tap water for cooking and drinking purposes, then this filter is for you.

    • Whole House
    This particular water filter works best in providing filtered water all over the house.

Aside from knowing your water filter options, installing a filtered water tap also means choosing the best filtering technology. Stay away from water filters that use reverse osmosis and distillation technology, instead, choose one that uses a combination of ion exchange, sub-micron filter and carbon block filter. This type effectively removes harmful substances and preserves useful minerals in your tap water.

Best Makers of Water Filtering Systems in the U.S.

Finally, installing a filtered water tap means choosing high quality water filters. To do this, you have to get your water filtering system from the best manufacturers in the industry, some of them are:

  • PUR
    Your best bet for pitcher and faucet water filters, PUR has been highly regarded as a maker of high-quality and effective water filtering systems.

  • Culligan
    This name is a trusted brand in under sink, faucet and pitcher water filtering systems.

  • Brita
    Brita is a leader in water filtration systems especially in faucet, pitcher and under sink filtration systems.

  • Aquasana
    A popular brand for highly efficient and affordable water filtration devices, Aquasana is admired for their under sink, whole house and countertop systems.

  • Crystal Quest
    Crystal Quest is highly regarded for their countertop, whole house and under sink water filtering systems.

Installing a filtered water tap is not difficult, so do not delay. Be assured of having safe and clean drinking water by setting up the appropriate water filter in your home.



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