Best Water Filters for Home

You must be aware that drinking tap water can be quite dangerous. That is why you should be looking for the best water filters for home. By installing an effective water filtering system, you are assured that you are indeed drinking clean water. The best water filters for home effectively reduces expenses for hospital trips and medicines should you get sick due to contaminated drinking water.

TheThe best water filters for home abound in the market these days and come in a wide variety of shapes, prices and function, making it harder to choose the one that suits you best. It will be truly helpful if you know who offers the best water filters for home.

Best Water Filters for Home in the U.S.

  • Aquasana
    Aquasana water filters utilize selective filtration in removing water contaminants while retaining the essentials minerals. They are certified by the NSF and California Department of Health Services. All of Aqusana’s water filtering systems is made from high quality materials which can be used for a lifetime. You can purchase Aquasana water filters at very low prices during seasonal promos and with the use of discount coupons. Their replacement filters are affordable as well.
  • Culligan
    Culligan has been manufacturing quality water filters for nearly 70 years and is ranked among the best water filter brands in the market today. Get to choose from their wide variety of water filters for your home.

  • Crystal Quest
    Crystal Quest water filters are regarded as some of the best and reasonably priced filters sold in the market. With their 30 years experience in manufacturing, together with their state of the art technology, Crystal Quest makes high quality, effective and easy to use water filters.

  • Brita
    One of the leaders in manufacturing water filters, Brita has proven its dominance as being the most common brand of water filtration devices not just in the U.S. but in Europe as well.

  • PUR
    PUR water filters are some of the sought-after devices providing comprehensive filtering of tap water. PUR uses activated carbon and ion exchange resin to provide clean, chemical-free and great tasting tap water.

  • Multi-Pure
    They are one of the largest manufacturers of carbon block filters across the world. Multi-Pure uses modern, solid carbon filters and is certified by the NSF to provide high quality water filtration systems.

Choosing the Best Water Filters for Home

To help you choose the best water filter for your home, go through the following tips.

  • Assess your particular filtration needs.
  • Choose the water filter that eliminates multiple water contaminants. In this regard, it is best that you have your water supply checked for the types of bacteria and contaminants present therein.
    • Choose the water filter brand that matches your needs and budget.
    • Select the water filter that provides the maximum warranty on housing. This is especially important if you choose under-counter filters which must be able to stand relentless house pressure.
    • Check the availability and price of replacement filters.

Keep in mind that the best water filters for home are the ones the meet your specific requirements.



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