Stainless Steel Water Filter Tap

For many years now, families all over the world have relied on water filters to provide clean drinking water. Available in a wide array of designs and utilizing different filtering methods, these devices are absolutely essential in any modern household. However, there is one type of water filter that can address the need for clean drinking water perhaps a bit more effectively than others: the stainless steel water filter tap. 

Before the introduction of the stainless steel filter

Aside from the stainless steel water filter tap, there are a number of different types of water filters that are commonly used in households and commercial kitchens all over the world. These are:

  • Ceramic water filters
  • Plastic water filters
  • Combination water filters 

Between these three types of water filters, there is a certain degree of overlap, and ceramic water filters may employ any one of the common filtering methods. Most early water filters were of the ceramic variety, and their popularity could be attributed to the cooling effect of the ceramic on the water. As popular as these types of water filters were, they had a notable drawback in that they tended to chip when being filled, resulting in ceramic particles making its way into the water.

The next significant step in the development of the water filter was the plastic water filter, which was initially just as warmly received by the market as ceramic filters, since they apparently left no solid particles in the water. However, these types of water filters were later discovered to have a more serious threat in the form of chemicals that leached into the water. While more health friendly plastics were later developed, the widespread scare of potential carcinogens from plastic water filters resulted in many people seeking out safer options, and the stainless steel water filter tap was one of the newer designs introduced.

Components used in a stainless steel water filter

The typical stainless steel water filter tap uses materials that were already widely used for processing and storing food products: 304-grade stainless steel. Before the development of the stainless steel water filter tap, stainless steel was already recognized for its quality and durability, and it is precisely these qualities that have made it a perfect material for the stainless steel water filter tap. There are quite a few different grades of stainless steel used in products available in the market today, and while nearly all of them are suitable for use in storing and processing food, a stainless steel water filter tap made out of 304-grade stainless steel will produce the most favorable results.

Benefits of a stainless steel water filter

Using a stainless steel water filter tap offers a number of benefits over the alternatives. They last for a very long time for one thing, and there is virtually no risk of contaminants being leeched into the water. In addition, they are available in a variety of attractive styles, and you should easily be able to find one that fits in with your kitchen décor.


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