Ceramic Water Filter Tap

With the need for fresh, clean water becoming an increasingly important concern nowadays, many homeowners are looking for an affordable and easy to use solution that effectively deals with the threat of potential water-borne health risks. And one of the devices that have proven particularly effective at handling these concerns is the ceramic water filter tap. This device was actually invented in the 1800s, although it was only fairly recently that they become widely used in households all over the world. And with ordinary tap water recognized as a potential source of contaminants–many of which can be severely detrimental to health–it is more important than ever to look into the benefits that a ceramic water filter tap can provide. 

Why investing in a water filter is a good idea

Every household can benefit greatly from the use of a ceramic water filter tap, although their importance particularly comes to the fore during times of calamity and natural disasters. During such events, the cleanliness of tap water may be compromised, opening users up to the risk of water-borne diseases and other health issues. It is during these times when the use of a ceramic water filter tap becomes absolutely necessary.

You don’t have to wait for a natural disaster to use a ceramic water filter tap either. Even the best maintained water facilities are prone to contamination from time to time, either from chemical compounds or heavy metals that make their way into the water system, or microorganisms that are present in the water. It is for these reasons that installing a ceramic water filter tap is a good idea even for day-to-day use.

Shopping for a water filter

If you are in the market for a ceramic water filter tap, it would be useful to know about the different types of filters they employ, and the specific contaminants that they filter out. Some of the best and highest-priced ceramic water filter taps on the market come with:

  • Activated carbon filtration
  • Silver ceramic filters 

Activated carbon filters are effective at removing a wide variety of contaminants such as chlorine, and they also have the advantage of making water taste and smell better. The first is a particularly significant benefit, since many of these contaminants have been proven detrimental to human health. Chlorine, in particular, has been linked with incidences of asthma and a host of other respiratory illnesses. Chlorine is also known to produce carcinogenic substances when it comes in contact with any type of organic matter, such as the tissues of the human body. This makes the use of a ceramic water filter tap absolutely necessary in households that rely on mains water for drinking and cooking.

A silver-ceramic water filter tap is also worth considering for household use. Such filtering systems employ silver components that effectively prevent the growth of mold, algae, and various types of bacteria in the filter mechanism itself. In conjunction with an activated carbon filter, this type of ceramic water filter tap provides superior protection against a wide variety of water contaminants.


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