Commercial Faucets

For most people, the traditional consumer grade faucet is good enough for everyday use. Performing the basic function of providing water simply and easily, the typical home faucet is adequate for most people’s needs. However, there may be instances wherein commercial faucets may be the better options. And for owners of hotels or restaurants, commercial faucets are absolutely essential.

A look at faucets used in business and industry 

Commercial faucets look pretty much like regular faucets, but they have a number of significant design differences. Such faucets are built to withstand the rigors of day-to-day use in typical commercial facilities such as hotels and restaurants.

Some of the most important components of commercial faucets are:

  • Aerators
  • Infrared sensors
  • Temperature controls
  • Replaceable nozzles
  • Vacuum breakers

Aerators are often built into commercial faucets, and they help maintain an even water flow. The infrared sensors are used as a water saving device, and they turn the water on and off automatically. This eliminates the need for a knob, and saves water at the same time. Replaceable nozzles allow for the easier cleaning and sterilization of the faucet, while vacuum breakers are installed to prevent water from back flowing. 

High quality components in a faucet 

Aside from the specialized components that come built into commercial faucets, their more robust and durable construction makes them better choices over traditional faucets as well. Most commercial faucets are built with high quality components that are precision designed to provide steady and reliable service long after standard faucets need to be replaced. Better still, some of the finest commercial faucets allow you to replace components that may wear out over time. This makes commercial faucets better value than standard faucets that you have to replace frequently, despite their initially higher cost.

A look at some of the main faucet brands

Some of the finest commercial faucets on the market today are:

  • The Moen Commercial Single Handle Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet
  • The Blanco Master Gourmet Commercial Kitchen Faucet
  • The Chicago Faucets Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet

The Moen Commercial Single Handle Faucet features a 12-inch spout that will fit into virtually any kitchen sink of standard size. Finished in handsome chrome plated brass, this is one of the few commercial faucets that can be mounted on a wall. This model comes with theft resistant screws, controls and meters for temperature setting, and an aerated flow regulator.

The Blanco Master Gourmet Commercial Kitchen Faucet is designed for rigorous use. Designed out of a single piece of brass, this model makes an elegant impression with a glossy nickel finish.

Finally, the Chicago Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet features a generous 9-inch swing range with an elongated faucet spout, along with an aerator, and a kit for wall mounting.  Designed for easy dismantling for cleaning and maintenance, this is one of the few commercial faucets that are easy to use and yet provide years of service. 

Commercial faucets may cost you more money at the outset, but they will definitely pay for themselves many times over in the next several years. Take your time to shop for the best models in your price range, and the initial costs of commercial faucets will be a worthy investment.


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