Filtered Water Tap

If you are concerned about preserving the good health and well being of your family, a filtered water tap is absolutely an essential tool. Such devices do not usually cost too much, and many models are relatively easy to install. In fact, some of the lower cost filtered water tap models on the market do not require installation at all, making them ideally suited for apartment renters.

Why you need a water filter

Almost everyone could benefit from the use of a filtered water tap. There are situations however, in which installing one is absolutely necessary. If you experience any of the following, a good filtered water tap might just be exactly what you need:

  • Metallic smell and/or taste to your water
  • Excessive fluoride in your water
  • High lead content in the water in your area
  • Chemical leak in your area’s water supply
  • The cost of bottled water is more than you can afford
  • Rental terms don’t allow permanent modifications to the plumbing

The benefits of a water filter

For most homeowners, a filtered water tap may just be the best option available. Such a device will provide you the clean water you need to ensure the continued good health of your family, while keeping within the bounds of your lease agreement. These solutions are often more feasible for apartment renters who are usually not allowed to make any long-term modifications to the plumbing. 

A filtered water tap typically uses components that allow easy addition to your water system. In most cases, such devices can simply be attached to an existing faucet, with no permanent modifications necessary. Many models can even be attached to a faucet in as little as a few seconds, even without the use of any tools.

Some of the benefits of using a filtered water tap are:

  • Improved taste of water and other beverages
  • No more having to buy bottled water
  • Easy access to clean water at all times
  • Reduced health risk from contaminated water
  • Peace of mind knowing that you and your family are drinking safe water

Things to consider when shopping for a water filter

Making the best use of a filtered water tap depends on a number of factors, each specific to your needs. For starters, you will want to make sure that the filtered water tap you are purchasing provides adequate protection against water-borne contaminants. This would include protection against bacteria, pesticides, and even heavy metals that may make its way into the water supply.

You will also want to make sure that the filtered water tap you purchase will work with your existing plumbing system. If necessary, you may have to mount your filtered water tap on a wall, so make sure you have the space for it.

Finally, you may want to consider purchasing a filtered water tap that allows you to switch between filtered and unfiltered water. This will allow you to use plain water for day-to-day tasks and reduce wear on the filter mechanism.



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